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Get your perfect glow with our perfectly homogeneous solarium tanning.

You can keep your body tanned, head to toe, all year long through our ALISUN optimal bronzing experience.

Special offers are available to suit your different needs and to match your special occasions!

Please call us on +961-3-212273 to get more details


What do I need to do before I start a tanning session?

Remove jewelry, cosmetics and perfume. Some medicines and beauty products contain substances that can lead to undesirable reactions during tanning.

How does my skin become tanned?

While tanning, your skin cells are stimulated to produce pigment. This happens to protect the tissue directly beneath the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Pigment cells produce the pigment melanin: a substance that protects the skin cells from burning. The outermost layer of the skin grows thicker and becomes brown. The stronger the natural pigmentation of the skin, the more resistant it is to the effect of ultraviolet light. Your skin type, the extent to which your skin has already built up pigment and the amount of time it has had to adjust to the UV light determine how long you can enjoy the sun without burning.

How many days do I need to wait between my first and second tanning sessions?

To allow your skin to slowly adjust to the UV light and to see whether you have any undesirable skin reactions, it is best to skip one day after your first session. Then you can continue with the second and additional tanning sessions. There is no longer any need to skip a day between sessions.

Should you shower before or after a tanning session?

It is better to shower after tanning, because most people use soap, shampoo or other cosmetic products while showering that affect the skin’s natural oils. There is no need to be afraid that showering after tanning will wash away the brown colour. That’s just a myth.

Do I need to use the special protective goggles?

Yes, because UV light that directly enters the eyes can cause eye disorders such as snow blindness, welder’s flash or cataracts.

Can I wear my contact lenses while using solarium?

Yes, this is allowed, but always wear the provided goggles that protect the eyes from UV rays.

What should I do if I have a particular skin disorder?

Always consult your doctor before using the sunbed or starting a series of tanning sessions. People with certain skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis, may benefit from the sun, while other disorders may be aggravated by it.

Can pregnant women use solarium?

UV rays from the tanning bed are not dangerous for the unborn baby. Nevertheless, many women react to UV light differently while pregnant than they otherwise would. This is because a woman’s body produces a hormone during pregnancy that can result in irregular pigment formation. This is most common in the face and is called pregnancy mask. Therefore, be careful when sunbathing during the pregnancy and do not use the sunbed if you find that you are overly sensitive. If in doubt, consult your family doctor.

How many times per year can I use the solarium tanning?

With normal exposure to natural sunlight, you should not use solarium more than about 50 times a year.

Will my tattoo discolor with use of solarium tanning?

All tattoos will fade and blur slightly over time, but this is not a direct result of ultraviolet radiation. Some colors of ink, however, especially green and red, can produce an allergic reaction upon exposure to sunlight. The best way to prevent this is to cover the tattoo with a sunscreen product when you lie in the sun or in the solarium.

After a solarium tanning session, can I lie in the natural sun the same day?

Your recommended session time for the solarium tanning is based on the full amount of sunlight you should have for that day. If you nevertheless lie in the natural sun without protection, you risk sunburn.